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Department of Computer Science & Applications is currently running MCA course with an intake of 120 students and BCA course with an intake capacity of 60 students. The Department to its credit having a dedicated team of faculty members credited with high quality, academic oriented and dedicated to the very cause they are professing. The all round growth of students rests alone with the Department and the faculty members.

This Department has computer Laboratories with best facilities in terms of Hardware & Software, where students are given excellent exposure and training to imporve their their software skills. In addition to the lab works as per curriculum, the students are allowed to carry out many innovative projects with real life usability. Extensive training is imparted using the best teaching methodologies, imbibing intuitions for venturing our students as world class Computer Professionals.

Message from H.O.D.

Today’s world witnesses computer use in every walk of our life as essential as any other worldly item . We can not even think of today without computers. There is not even a single field of activity, where computer does not make its presence felt. Further, it is not the computer many a time branded as stupid but the real reason is that our over greediness to grab and grasp at one stretch, makes them so. Our dependency on computers resulted in creation of talking and thinking computers. Safety, Security and Comforts and all those could be imagined are now in the hands of computers. It is time for all of us to make use and tame our creations to work and preserve the beauties and bounties of Nature lest we ourselves are the victims of our own creation. Let our students, who are the brand ambassadors of the generations of the future make use of this Engines of Creation of 21st Century to lead forward further..........

Dr. S.Srinivasan
Professor & Head
Department of Computer Science & Applications
PDM College of Engineering

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Department of Computer Science & Applications
PDM College Of Engineering
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